Saturday, December 22, 2012

Some Other Ways To Wear Lingerie This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day you’ll expect many a spent Victoria Secret coupon codes and some hot lingerie underneath her clothes. Maybe you see it peaking out from under her dress, skirt, shirt, but it’s under there and she is keeping it a secret until she decides whether you deserve to see the whole show. And the whole show includes her stripping down slowly for the big reveal. But what if this Valentine’s Day you gave a little more than just a preview. There are plenty of ways to wear lingerie and one of the most common is underneath the clothes. Many people don’t think of how versatile lingerie can be. It can also be worn on top too or accentuated for an incredibly sexy look for your Valentine’s Day date. Here are some “alternative” ways to wear lingerie.

1.      With a baby doll or chemises you might get away with wearing just that. The key to getting away with it is to spice it up with some cool accessories. Some sexy high heels work, but so do some old tennis shoes for a little fashionable twist. You can also wear some jewelry to dress it up a little. You could even throw his blazer on! This is a perfect, sexy look for an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner.

2.      Wearing a corset by itself with some sexy, tight black jeans or a sexy satin dress will look really fashionable and, did I mention, sexy? Yes give yourself that hip, Victorian look by wearing your bustier on the outside. Could you imaging what they would have thought of that back in the day?
3.      Another really sexy look for this Valentine’s Day is to wear a super sheer dress over some really sexy lingerie. You don’t want to do too much peek-a-boo, but just enough. It’s perfectly okay to show off a little bra and maybe just a tiny panty. Just enough to have him panting and wanting more, and you feeling like a sexy sex goddess on your special night.

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